Saturday, September 21, 2013

Quilting Passion

I have switched my main interest in paper crafting to quilting. I love quilting in part for one of the reasons I love paper crafting - color. I am always interested in seeing how different colors and shades of colors go together. About 4 years ago I started quilting, and I have been learning a lot as I go. The following pictures are some of the quilts I have made in 2013.

Fun with colors - unnamed quilt (I am terrible at coming up with names. Just ask my cats. Boring names, poor babies.)
I saw this quilt on a blog and fell in love with it. I must say, orange and yellowish orange are not in my list of favorite colors, and I don't ever gravitate toward them. But something about this quilt really grabbed my attention. I saved the blog entry in my favorites and would go back and look at it often. Eventually I bought the same fabrics and decided to make the same quilt. I did not use a pattern, but it was pretty simple to reconstruct. I even copied the blogger's straight line quilting on it, since I am not good at free motion quilting at this point, and straight lines are best for me to work with. The fabric on the front is all from the Simply Color line by V and Co., whose blog I stole this quilt from.
Here is her blog:

For the back, I decided to play with my growing collection of gray fabrics. I was going to make a quilt using different shades of gray and black fabrics, but how many lap quilts does one person need? So I figured I could piece the backing and the quilt can be reversible. Since I had lots of leftover squares from the front of the quilt, and the colors all looked so good with grays, I incorporated them into the backing as well.


  1. i love it too... and am new to quiting :) wonder what size block did you work with?