Friday, October 11, 2013


This is my first attempt at doing the monthly pattern in the Another Year of Schnibbles parade going on in quilting blogland. The pattern for September is Clover, and you can get it here . 

I had some Noteworthy by Sweetwater fabrics that I've been wanting to use, so I used them with this pattern to make a little mat for one of my end tables in the living room. I tried a new technique for quilting it, thanks to my sister for her suggestion and the quilt pattern. She just happened upon a flower quilt design at the same time I was thinking maybe a flower would be a good design for the center of the blocks. But how to transfer the design to the fabric was my dilemma. Lots of people mark their quilts with various types of pens, but I haven't tried any of those disappearing ink pens yet. She told me to trace the design onto tissue paper and pin the tissue paper to my quilt and stitch right through the tissue paper. The tissue paper comes off pretty easily once the design has been stitched. That was an easy method to use so I will definitely do that again.

Here is my little table topper quilt.

And here it is in use on my end table. Now I'm anxious to make another one for the other end table. A different pattern, though. And different fabrics. I don't care if they match. I just want to play with fabrics and quilt patterns. And for future table toppers I'm thinking of doing some reversible ones with fall colors on one side and Christmas on the other so I can flip them depending on the season.

It looks so nice here now, but once I load the table back up with two TV remote controls, a box of tissues, my blood pressure cuff, a coaster, and various other "stuff" that ends up here, you won't see much of the quilt. But that's OK. I'll know it's there!


  1. Beautiful finish on your quilt! I love the suggestion of the tissue paper - I may have to try that one - and the flower design came out great! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog so I was able to find yours!

  2. Your Clover Quilt looks so cute on your table! And the quilting is just super!!

  3. I love the colors and the quilting! I like the tissue paper idea a lot so I am glad you shared it. I don't think FMQ is for me, but I want to do more than straight lines sometimes.

  4. Great suggestion on the quilting motif! It looks wonderful in the blocks. I also like your choice of the blue background. The 4 block size looks like the perfect size for your table too.

  5. Love, love, love the quilting! Thanks for the tip!

  6. Oooohhhh I lo e what you did with your clover schnibbles. Well done